Our Story

For more than four decades, consumers and retailers have turned to Mill Creek Botanicals for its proven natural and organic products.  Born in 1975 near the shores of California our original vision to bring high quality, natural products at a great value has never wavered. Mill Creek has been at the forefront of the 'green' evolution in cosmetic products as one the first ever natural & botanical lines in the industry! Our lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and personal care products have gained global recognition for bringing the best results, while staying true to nature's simplicity and using only the finest ingredients. Even with decades of brand loyal consumers and beloved products, Mill Creek still works tirelessly to seek out the best natural and organic ingredients to keep bringing new and innovative products to you!

Our Mission

Mill Creek Botanicals was founded in 1975 with the purpose of bringing better products, better natural ingredients, better value and unsurpassed performance to our customers. This is continually accomplished by sourcing the best natural proven and potent super ingredients for your hair and skin then combining them into one of kind formulas for outstanding results. Mill Creek believes nutrition goes beyond what you eat, which is why we treat every formula we make as nutrition for your body with an emphasis on natural & organic clean ingredients. Our customers know that they will never find parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or any other questionable ingredients when they use Mill Creek. Over 40 years and millions of happy customers we are still defining natural beauty care with style.