Mill Creek knows your baby’s delicate skin and hair need to be pampered with only the best natural and organic ingredients attainable. Our pure, natural and soothing formulas have been developed with the most sensitive skin & hair in mind.

Get clean with this mild wash infused with sugar and plant cleansers for the most sensitive skin. After the bath you will feel the difference from the calming organic aloe vera, soothing witch hazel and healing properties of calendula that condition skin as you clean.
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Cleanse and condition hair with this gentle and easy to use tear free 2 in 1. Infused with panthenol for shine, jojoba to soft and organic aloe vera to moisturize and witch hazel to soothe your babies delicate hair and scalp and to keep hair soft, shiny and nourished.
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Hydrate and soothe with this extra sensitive, fragrance free, easily absorbing and weightless formula. Infused with safflower, jojoba, organic aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E, witch hazel and calendula to nourish your babies delicate skin and keep it soft and supple.
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Natures best and most gentle remedy for healing a babies skin from diaper rash, cradle cap, cuts and scrapes or simply dry skin is calendula, known as natures miravle healer. Formulated with pure calendula and witch hazel this cream will serve all your babies delicate needs for perfect skin.
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